Justice for Keaton Otis

Details of evidence in the killing of Keaton Otis by officers of the Hotspot Enforcement Action Team of the Portland Police Bureau. Campaign to get Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber to authorize the state Attorney General to hold an independent inquiry into the shooting.

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Below are quick links to key points in the detailed narrative. The aim of the blogs is to give as detailed and as accurate review of what is known about the killing… pointing to anomalies and contradictions as well as raising key questions. As new information comes to light the blogs are updated as appropriate.

In brief… what the police say happened between 6:20pm and 6:25pm on Wednesday 12 May 2010

Driving while black: “Scruffy, scruffy facial hair”, wearing a hoodie and looking “like a gangster”

Wednesday 12 May 2010: A new day for the Portland Police Bureau and alarming news for the officers of HEAT — the chief is fired

Angst in Starbucks… then Keaton Otis drives by

HEAT, the Hotspot Enforcement Action Team

A 15 mile-per-hour police chase

Officer DeFrain thinks ahead… warns Officer Burley to stand out of the line of fire

Live video tells no lies

And live commentary…

“Open the door, open the fucking door…”

A cyclist’s testimony…bang, bang, bang, bang, bang… “controlled hysteria”

“Don’t leave, they’re gonna kill me”

Officer Dauchy: state’s witness

Officer Dauchy: beanbags Keaton Otis… the official version

The alternative narrative… who controls access to the car?

And who then closes the passenger door? And why?

The gun, exhibit #67… but did anyone see it?

The missing Crown Royal bag

Where did all the bullets go?

Seven long seconds

Was Keaton Otis still alive after the shooting?

The autopsy… and the State Medical Examiner’s fantasy conclusion

Stopped for not making eye contact

HEAT: The very definition of racial profiling

When driving-while-black is life threatening

A pause… just what did Keaton Otis do?

A Grand Jury… or a cop show?

Police Review Board finds application of deadly physical force “within policy”

What did Keaton say…

Good cops

Why the rush to shoot?

What they say now… no mention of the 32 shots

Some questions

The purpose of this blog


Postscript… so, how did they do?

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